Wollam Gardens

Our largest supplier of flowers is a 11 acre flower farm located in Jeffersonton, VA. Wollam Gardens is the name and Bob Wollam is the inspiration behind it all. We’re going to continue to visit as new flowers come into bloom and take pictures to share. They plant ~10,000 dahlias, a sight worth seeing when they come into bloom. Their 2011 Dahlia festival dates are Aug. 27 &28/ Sept. 3,4,& 5 from 10AM to 4 PM . It’s a great chance to visit the gardens and join in the festivities!
Here are some photos of our most recent trip to the gardens, enjoy!

We’re excited for the beginning of summer and the bright, cheerful flowers that come with the changing of the seasons! We’ll be sure to share our next visit. If interested in more information about the operation visit their site:


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