DIY paper petal cones

A few weeks ago, we created paper cones to fill with petals for a beautiful farm wedding.  Here, we share the process…


You will need:

– medium-weight paper (we used sketchbook paper…computer paper is too flimsy)
– decorative paper for the inside of cone (we used vintage floral wrapping paper)
– double-sided tape
– Avery labels
– jute or string
– ribbon or other wrapping
– hot glue
– scissors
– single hole punch

The process:
First, measure out the sketchbook paper.  We used 6-inch squares to create our cones.

Cut the square along the measurements you made.

Fold the square along the diagonal by bringing two opposite corners together (so that it makes a triangle) but do not crease it.  Instead, crease just one corner (as shown). This will make it possible to curl the paper into a cone.

Curl the paper into a cone to be sure it looks the way you want it to look.  Take a piece of double-sided tape and place it along one of the edges that will overlap the other (as shown above).

Curl the paper up again and stick the edges together.


Cut your decorative paper.  The design on the wrapping paper we used was already conveniently divided into squares of about 5 inches.  This is about right for these 6-inch cones.

Curl the decorative paper loosely, as you did with the cone, but don’t worry about creasing or taping it together.  Slide it into the cone and situate it where you want it.

Use double sided tape to secure it.

Next, take your ribbon or wrapping (we used a strip of burlap) and wrap it snugly around the cone so it meets in a point on the back.  Cut it to size and use hot glue to secure it neatly.

We printed labels with instructions for the cones.  If you would like to do the same, stick them to your ribbon in the front of the cone for guests to read.  We used a dot of hot glue on the edges of the cones to keep the labels from peeling off.

Since the petal cones we made were to be hung on chairs along the aisle, we punched holes in the upper edges and tied a length of string through them, as shown above.


Voila! Your paper cone is finished.  Fill with petals and celebrate!

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