Why We Do It

Nature Composed was born of a desire to live in connection with the earth and others. It’s a life project that follows the predictable pattern of learning, leaping, evolving, and growing; putting one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, with dedicated effort.

Our objective is to create a “feel good” experience for ourselves and our clients through adherence to the following commitments:

• To remain true to our commitment to focus on seasonal flowers and local markets

Supporting Local Communities
During the growing season we source and harvest the majority of our blooms locally. They’re fresh from the garden, smell amazing and showcase the local area’s seasonal beauty.  We support small flower farms and provide a return to nearby gardeners by purchasing locally.

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• To operate in a sustainable fashion thereby providing a guilt-free product

Promoting Sustainable Operations
We skip the packaging when we harvest directly so less waste is produced.  We compost everything biodegradable and use the cardboard from shipped flowers as mulch/weed control in our gardens.  We feed the soil with our own organic fertilizer that is a by product of our worm farm.
We grow a large array of species in our pesticide free garden, creating a diverse and welcoming habitat for nature.

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• To continue to plant seeds

Paying it forward
As a way to spread the love to distant communities, Nature Composed gives a $25.00 KIVA loan to every couple who books with us. It’s an exciting organization that helps to alleviate poverty and promote dignity.

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