On A Personal Note,

A Personal Welcome from Jenn


Hello!  I’m Jenn Pineau and I’m happy to welcome you here.  Nature Composed is a seed that I sowed and I’m amazed at how she continues to grow!  I started in 2008 with a wedding deposit, sweat equity, and shop dreams. Never would I have imagined then that in 10 years it would be possible to grow like we have.  Within those 10 years we worked out of basements, barns and rented studio spaces, working to buy a home, create a garden, and build a studio.  In 2014 we finished construction of the studio and continued to expand our gardens and family in Rochelle, VA.  The following year, a once in a lifetime opportunity to open a shop in Middleburg, VA came to us.  We rose to the occasion and we are so glad we did.  Now 3 years later, Nature Composed has landed a shop that dreams are made of.  I can’t even begin to imagine what the next 10 years may have in store. 

It’s really quite incredible, what a journey it has been. I’m excited to share through this blog the many facets of Nature Composed- past, present and future.

We all have strengths and weaknesses, connecting through technology is at the top of my weakness list.  Most every day is packed with responsibilities and to-do’s, work and the kids, family and friends, gardening, cooking, cleaning and other curiosities. I have no complaints. It’s a full and passion-driven life that I love, and it’s all-encompassing. 

In an effort to share more deeply, I’m carving out more screen time to write about my personal passions (worms, natural systems thinking, permaculture ideas, floral design, etc.).  We’ll also be posting more garden spam, featured and favorite floral work, as well as workshop and class recaps.

We’ll do our best to post at least twice a month and luckily, I have great help.  Green thumbs aren’t made for computers and to be honest, the only class I ever failed was typing- it was a real bummer to take it in summer school, left me with a bad taste in my mouth. 

Thanks for following along, we do it for you. 

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